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We’re in the first month of 2019! Have you thought of your New Year resolutions for the year? This is always the best time to get back on track with some things you lacked the previous year. Everyone is looking for something new to do with the start of the new year.

If you are wondering what to do, create your own hair goals to help get you through this year and achieve the hair you’ve always desired and hoped for! Of course, if you don’t know how to get started, we have some tips to help you achieve your hair goals for 2019. These are common yet attainable hair goals and you can stick with them without much challenge.

1. New year, new hairstyle

Commit to making a change that will have lasting, uplifting benefits for the new year, and start 2019 off with a new hairstyle. Whether it’s letting go of some length you’ve been holding onto for years and switching up your look with a vibrant new colour, often a change in your hairstyle can lead to beneficial changes in other areas of your life as well. Just remember, change is a good thing! Here’s a tip to work up the courage: Research online and save some images of some hairstyles you like. Show your friends and family members these images and ask them what they think would be the best change for you.

2. No heat on your hair for the whole year

Sometimes excessive heat can be a torture to your hair, trying a year or six months to start without heat can give your hair the break it really needs combined with a weekly hair care regime.

3. Get more regular haircuts

One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to hair care is not getting regular haircuts. This often results in split or dead ends that lead to dull, lifeless hair and an inability to obtain your desired growth. For this brand new year, how about motivating yourself to commit to getting more regular haircuts? You can look forward to having fresh hair year-round and able to grow your hair longer, as you’ve desired for so long. We recommend a haircut every six to 8 weeks, depending on how frequently you use hot tools. You can also get to know your hairstylist and stick with him/her, and pre-book at the end of each appointment to commit yourself to get regular haircuts. At Vital we really see the difference in our guests that have a routine to those that don’t.

4. Switch to professional products

Have you been using certain hair products for as long as you can remember, and suffering in terms of hair health as a result? 2019 will not perpetuate this behaviour! Make a promise to yourself to switch over to using professional products for the duration of this new year, and you will never look back. A tip for making the switch: read about the products that we have here and talk to our hair professional about what products are best for you. Then, stock up. Once you feel the Joi in healthy hair you will be hooked!.

5. Wash/Damage Less

Do you wash your hair too frequently, which then results in a dry scalp and damaged hair? The reality is, the more you wash your hair, the more you feel like you have to wash your hair. Your scalp starts to become dry, which results in your roots producing more oil to moisturise the hair. And the more you wash, the more you damage your hair especially when you use a blow dryer and other hot tools. Remind yourself to wash less by putting yourself on a washing schedule, and keep track of how many times you wash your hair per week. You should aim for no more than two to three washes per week. Also, work in a thermal spray Joico Iron glad can help to battle heat damage.

There you have it: five ways that you can accomplish your new year hair resolutions and bring those hair goals into reality. This regime is a great new year starter to help get you to your hair growth goals, which are bound to bring you endless confidence and enjoyment.

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