3 questions you should ask yourself before Visiting Taunton Hairdresser – Vital 


To cut your hair or not to cut your hair? It’s the recurring question that I and the stylists at Vital are faced with, and it’s often met with a touch of excitement and a dash of anxiety.
Making a change to your hair — whether big or small — is an emotional decision, but it’s definitely not one you have to make alone.
When you sit down for your routine haircut, does your stylist automatically ask you: “Want the usual?”
It’s so easy to fall into a hair pattern and ignore new styles entirely. After all, a new hairstyle requires a bit of research at the least or a whole lifestyle change at the most.
If you’re struggling to decide if it’s time for a hair change, start by asking yourself the following three questions:
  1. Do you wear your hair up all the time?
  2. Does your hair take forever to dry?
  3. Have you worn the same style since you can remember?
If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, it’s time to switch things up!
“You know it’s time for a change when you can only recognize yourself with one particular haircut and/or style,” said Vital’s Senior Stylist Zivile Coleman. “Mix it up! It will change your entire attitude.”
I Believe, Every woman has a hair “sweet spot” and once you hit it, you’re typically showered with compliments on your ‘do from both friends and perfect strangers alike. Once the compliments stop flowing in, it may be time to revisit your current style.
“Hair is fun! It is the ultimate accessory. You don’t have to make a major change, but if you are feeling even just a little curious about what it might be like to do something a little different, my belief is — it’s time!” 


Sure, you might be contemplating a hair change, but the real question is: Are you truly ready for one? If you’re hesitating even a little bit, it’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself or with one of our Experienced Stylists and ask a few hard-hitting hair questions.
For starters, if your new style requires more frequent upkeep (think bobs or pixies), are you OK with visiting the salon more often? How often are you willing to style you new look? The last problem you need is to be worried about how you are going to style your new hair – Thats why at Vital hair salon Taunton the stylists have one hour to discuss; cut, colour and to show you how and what to use to maintain the style at home. 
If you’re aiming to make a drastic change, will your new style complement your lifestyle? And is the style you’re considering compatible with your hair texture and face shape?
Taking the time to ask yourself some difficult questions can help ensure you get a haircut you’ll love. It also helps to consider what is or isn’t working with your current cut and the last time you had a similar look (if ever). Another question to ask: Are you acting on impulse after an emotional event (like a breakup)?
“Ask yourself: ‘Why am I cutting my hair?’ Without a strong answer to this, you may realize you shouldn’t proceed with the haircut,” said Christian Prunean Senior stylist at Taunton Hairdresser – Vital. The bottom line? New hairstyles can breathe new life into your world, but just make sure you’re ready before making a huge change!
Even after you’ve made the decision to make a hair change, there are still a number of confusing questions that can arise en route to the salon and even afterwards. How often should you get it cut? Do you need to wash your hair before heading to the salon? 
It can all be downright confusing, but it doesn’t have to be!
Your ideal time between haircuts really depends on your hair’s texture, style and length, but most women can easily go six weeks before heading back to the salon. Some hair types require a bit more or less maintenance while short cuts, like pixies, can require a trip to the salon every four weeks. 
Longer styles work best when trimmed every eight weeks (depending on your hair’s density) and shorter styles are best maintained when trimmed every four – six weeks. But curly hair is in a league of its own.
“Curly hair can go a bit longer, sometimes even three to four months before needing a cut. Since your hair is curly, it grows ‘around’ and not down, so your hair getting longer isn’t too noticeable,”  Lisa – Graduate stylist at Vital said. “As long as you keep it healthy, you can keep pushing that haircut aside
Just keep in mind that the average person’s hair grows about one to two inches a month, so frequent trims can help keep your style looking fresh. “If you are growing out your hair, a haircut every two to three months is OK if you aren’t putting a lot of heat on your hair,”
What about washing your hair before a haircut? Is it socially acceptable to show up to the salon with second-day hair? Turns out, it’s totally OK! In fact, it can help your stylist get a better idea of how you typically wear your hair.
“I highly recommend your stylist sees your hair in the style you typically wear it so they can assess what your hair needs. If you always blow your hair out, but wear it natural to your appointment, that doesn’t give your stylist the full picture,” – Nick Martin Director of Vital Hair salon.  
Showing up with dry hair can also help your stylist see growth patterns more easily. If you feel strongly about showing up with clean hair, though, don’t feel like you can’t wash before a haircut. “If there’s a real need to see its behavior just cleaned, I encourage clients to come that way. There is always a story from the guest’s standpoint as well as the hair’s,” Nick said.
You might also be wondering if there are specific times when you really should get a haircut. Two easily come to mind for Zivile:
  1. If you hair is visibly damaged.
  2. If you’re prepping for a big event
“I style a lot of brides and I always recommend having a fresh cut three weeks before her big day. That allows the stylist to customise her cut based on the hairstyle chosen for her wedding,” Zivile says.
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