The concept of Vital is to make people feel great about themselves – confident, lively and energetic we call this the ‘high-heel moment’ and its something everyone strives to achieve as I’ve spoken about in previous blogs click here to read about this feeling –

What and how we do, what we do is very deliberate at Vital from the warm and professional welcome and conversation down to the small details of our air purification system (no horrible salon smells). 

If I had a pound for every time one of my clients said “it always rains when i get my hair done” I would be a very less tired version of myself! 

The feeling of leaving with a fresh trim, colour and blowdry is amazing! and we want it to last! all day, But the English weather is always ready for a fight with us stylists and our latest weapon are custom Vital Umbrellas!. I believe that our service for our clients shouldn’t just finish at the end of the appointment but carry on throughout your day to day life however big or small so clients of Vital now have the exclusive use of these umbrellas and then when you are next in town or on your next appointment simply drop it back in. All we ask is for a donation in return which we are going to build up and then donate to a local independent charity. 

So whats the coffee part? we also have custom made, recyclable, dishwasher safe, 500ml coffee takeaway cups. Same Principle we ask for a small donation and in return you get to leave with a comforting hot drink from us. we got your hair looking amazing, protecting it with a vital umbrella and keeping you warm on the inside and thats what the feeling of being Vital is.